About us


To provide personalized high quality service in  quickly and efficient way taking care of every detail to make your trip a pleasant experience at a very low cost.

Brief history of the company:

Our company was  established in 1967 only as a local tour operator originally but since 1985 we operate as a full service  IATA approved travel agency with three basic departments:

-Corporate Travel Services: corporate reporting, offering 24 hour emergency service, negotiated hotel, rental car and airline corporate discounts.  We aspire to be a one-stop-shop for our corporate customers the savings are a result which is apparent from the above

-Destination Management Company specialized on Medical Tourism: Costa Rica is at the moment one of the top world destinations for Medical Tourism we offer private transportation, tours, hotel booking, transportation to hospitals and/or private clinics, etc.

-Meetings, Groups and Incentives Department, locally and internationally with a lot of experience on the pharmaceutical industry meetings and groups. Having organized large conventions in exotic Caribbean destinations to local small team building meetings.

Daily Tours is a family business and we believe in principles such as team work, honesty and loyalty within the company and with our customers and suppliers. 

We are in tune with nature and we want to help our government´s goal to be a Carbon Neutral Country in 2021 therefore we practice different “green” strategies within the company and encourage our clients to join us through the FONAFIFO´s  “Clean Trip” program.

Aware of the importance of globalization we recently joined Travelsavers, an alliance of travel agencies worldwide which aims to provide its partners with global presence but local service, the term glo-cal describes this benefit perfectly.




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